Friday, 19 March 2010

A frustrating week! But quite productive after all.....

I am slowly realising that running your own business doesn't just involve the nice bits like being your own boss and creating lovely unique pieces to sell! There are various nightmares that go with it. Mostly down to modern technology and also needing to be a whizz at just about everything! I am someone who loves product and creating things. However, I am going to have to become someone who knows how to market, use paypal, update websites, link facebook pages/blogs and various selling sites together...blah blah blah! I guess if I was a child of the technological era it would all be in my blood but sadly I was born in 1978 and it all has to be learned!

Not that I would change it at all. It's a challenge and is exciting to be doing all this myself (with just a little bit of help from friends in the know, I hope...any offers readily accepted!) I think you could say this blog is going to become a little bit a like therapy for me. A place where I can vent my frustrations at taking time to understand it all! Maybe it is destined to become a blog about starting your own business!

It's been an exciting week though and I have found out lots of new things. I already posted that I was now available to buy online at but not to be one to miss a marketing opportunity I will just mention that one again! I am planning to get onto and next week too.

Being the handmade crafty geek that I am, whilst browsing I have found loads of fantastic craft forums and blogs out there for people like me. There is such a revival of things being British and handmade going on right now. Look on
Next week they are profiling me on their craft blog as a MEET..... type feature. I even had to do a mini interview! So I will post it up as soon as it is there. Really recommend this site too for any other fellow geeks out there.

Right, to do list for next week done and business cards arrived so I am raring to go and off to start the weekend (minus a glass of wine being pregnant and all that) Next week will be a creative one I promise!

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