Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Meet The Designer - Silver Sixpence takes to the stage at The White Closet

Last Wednesday was my “Meet the Designer” event at exclusive bridal boutique The White Closet. From reading my blog and my newsletters you all will have probably gathered I’m quite a chatterbox! Therefore you’ll be surprised to know that in the run up to the event the thought of standing up and sharing my story to all you lovely brides sent my knees knocking! Let’s just say I’m a much better sewer than I am speaker, in public anyway!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to The White Closet, my PR lady Rachael Adams, Vanilla in All Seasons catering, Jonny Draper Photographer, Zoe Chiotis (musician) and Didsbury Life. I also wanted to say an even bigger thank you all of the vintage loving brides that made it to the event! Hopefully you all went away with some amazing inspiration and treated yourself to that special something for your big day.

If you were lucky enough to squeeze into The White Closet last Wednesday you will have seen the latest editions to my Silver Sixpence collection. In the lead up to the event I was sewing til I had thread coming out of my ears and was dreaming of lace, feathers and pearls almost every night, but Oh how it was worth it! The brand new Celine full face birdcage veil was received really well by brides to be as was the Florrie boho headband and Persephone forehead birdcage veil. I absolutely love working with local brides and helping to create really special, bespoke pieces for them. It was nice to know that many of my brides had also purchased their dress from The White Closet. It makes me feel very proud to know my designs will be used to accessorize such amazing, luxury bridal wear. All of the latest editions to my collection will be appearing on my Etsy shop very soon so do keep checking back. http://www.etsy.com/shop/nicolawellard

I’m hoping to host another “Meet the Designer” event at The White Closet in the Autumn season to launch my Silver Sixpence in her Shoe third collection. Please keep visiting my website for further details. http://www.silver-sixpence-in-her-shoe.co.uk

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Silver Sixpence “Made By You” Home Kits: The 10 Step How to Guide in creating your vintage inspired headpiece at home

Inside your pretty 1920s "Clara" or 1950's "Betty" pot:

  • Sinamay round base
  • Crocodile clip
  • Selection of vintage fabrics
  • Russian Veiling
  • Jewels
  • Buttons
  • Feathers
  • Needle & Thread
  • Little note from me

In addition you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • An stitch un-picker, just in case!

My “Made By You” home kits cater for all levels of sewers. From those of you who learnt your tips and tricks from your Nanas, to those of you who experience utter frustration when trying to thread a needle, we’ve all been there! Each pretty pot is individually made using an array of vintage fabrics in different colour ways and textures. Each home-kit also contains a selection of hand-picked gems that you can use to glam up your head piece.

Step 1

Pop open your pot.

Step 2

Arrange your pretty pieces and think about what you are looking to create.

*Secret Tip*

The key to making your headpiece look really professional is to layer your fabrics on top of one another. To hide any stitching, make sure you sew as tightly as possible, knot off your threads and trim any loose ends.

Step 3

Position your croc clip on the back of the sinamay base and sew securely as demonstrated below from back to front of the base. This is so all stitching will be hidden on the inside. Knot securely.

Step 4

Decorating your design! Here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

You can bow or gather your Russian veiling as shown! This is a really simple but really effective idea to add height to your headpiece

Step 5

To make a cute bow from your pre-cut fabrics, fold inwards, pinch in the middle and secure by sewing. Easy peasy!

Step 6

If your kit contains a spikey goose feather, try curling it into circular shape as demonstrated in the picture below. Wrap with a piece of thread at the base and knot tightly to secure.

Step 7

Another interesting way to play with feathers is to layer them on top of each other to create texture.

Step 8

Take your pre-made bow and play about with positioning it on your base. I find they always look best when arranged at an angle or at least off-centre

Step 9

Button/Jewels/Gems – all the really gorgeous bits for you magpies out there!

The next few images show a variation on how to use your embellishments. Use them to make the headpiece really personal to you!

*Secret Tip*

If your kit contains any old vintage earrings with the backs removed, you will need to sew through the holes on the back of these as shown.

Step 10

Finishing touches

When decorating your headpiece with tiny beads or sequins be really careful when using fabric glue. A good tip is to try using an ear bud to apply the glue.


Apply your favourite lipstick, style your hair and start wearing your “Made By You” headpiece! Don’t forget to post me a pic on my facebook page, can’t wait to see what you’ve all created!


Please be aware your "Made By You" kit is unique, no 2 are the same so your pot may not contain all of the above materials. I assure you whatever it contains will be beautiful!

This lovely photography is by the wonderful Katy Lunsford.

See more of Katy's work here - http://www.katylunsford.com/