Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Meet The Designer - Silver Sixpence takes to the stage at The White Closet

Last Wednesday was my “Meet the Designer” event at exclusive bridal boutique The White Closet. From reading my blog and my newsletters you all will have probably gathered I’m quite a chatterbox! Therefore you’ll be surprised to know that in the run up to the event the thought of standing up and sharing my story to all you lovely brides sent my knees knocking! Let’s just say I’m a much better sewer than I am speaker, in public anyway!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to The White Closet, my PR lady Rachael Adams, Vanilla in All Seasons catering, Jonny Draper Photographer, Zoe Chiotis (musician) and Didsbury Life. I also wanted to say an even bigger thank you all of the vintage loving brides that made it to the event! Hopefully you all went away with some amazing inspiration and treated yourself to that special something for your big day.

If you were lucky enough to squeeze into The White Closet last Wednesday you will have seen the latest editions to my Silver Sixpence collection. In the lead up to the event I was sewing til I had thread coming out of my ears and was dreaming of lace, feathers and pearls almost every night, but Oh how it was worth it! The brand new Celine full face birdcage veil was received really well by brides to be as was the Florrie boho headband and Persephone forehead birdcage veil. I absolutely love working with local brides and helping to create really special, bespoke pieces for them. It was nice to know that many of my brides had also purchased their dress from The White Closet. It makes me feel very proud to know my designs will be used to accessorize such amazing, luxury bridal wear. All of the latest editions to my collection will be appearing on my Etsy shop very soon so do keep checking back. http://www.etsy.com/shop/nicolawellard

I’m hoping to host another “Meet the Designer” event at The White Closet in the Autumn season to launch my Silver Sixpence in her Shoe third collection. Please keep visiting my website for further details. http://www.silver-sixpence-in-her-shoe.co.uk

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