Friday, 25 June 2010

Pearly Queens

The month of June is a Pearl birthstone month so I thought I would do a nice feature on some of my pearl inspired wedding products just before the month is up. They are a lovely classic to wear to any wedding and were my choice as is the case for a lot of brides. There is something so vintage about them. Plus I have a very cute 2 year old niece called Pearl so this is in honour of her too!

As a pressie for looking after the pending baby for nearly 9 months (so far so good we hope!) my hubby got me a gorgeous little vintage style hard bag from Reiss- it is all Mother of pearl like and in the shape of a shell (I am rather obsessed by all things geological like this) I love it so thanks Ed! It goes perfectly with my desperate to be worn again wedding shoes. He says this was not something he did on purpose or knowingly. I think he is trying to appear more macho than he really is! Also it will be spot on with pearly jewellery and what could be cuter than a shell bag with some pearls- after all this is where they come from- check out wikipedia for more info if you are a geek like me. Oh dear- too much time on my hands!

Here is a look back at some of the things I have made featuring pearls this season. Some seed pearls, some old vintage earings used as trims, some traditional.

Right, I am finally signing off to start a new job, being a mum. As of Monday we hope! I will be blogging sporadically when I get it together over the next 6 months! Silver Sixpence in her Shoe is not officially trading again until Feb 2011 but will be back with a bang for Spring 2011 wedding season with lots of new and gorgeous products. Any queries please don't hesitate to email and keep checking the blog for a few surprises! There is already a vintage wedding fayre in the pipeline for Feb 2011, exciting things lie ahead!

Lots of love


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