Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Shhhhhhhh Don't tell the bride! Part One, the planning.

It was a glorious sunny day on Monday 6th June in West Didsbury when Alex relevealed to Lisa that she would be marrying him..... that day. Yes that's right, you will have all seen the press but it is true, she had no idea a secret wedding had been planned by Alex with the help of a lot of fantastic local independent businesses. I met Alex ( read the about page on their blog it is so sweet!) a few weeks ago through Didsbury Life. They had pulled a lot of local businesses together in March of this year for the soon to be repeated West Didsbury Wedding event. I was surprised to hear Alex was planning a wedding to his girlfriend prior to even proposing, inspired somewhat by our wedding event. A 2 year trip around the world would follow where they would get married in every country they visited- a confident man to say the least! Fast forward 3 weeks and Lisa had been shuffled between myself and West Disbury's The White Closet to ensure she would look gorgeous for the hush hush big day. How Alex pulled this off I have no idea and the same can be said for how we all kept straight faces throughout these "meetings." Especially when the official photographer for the day Jonny Draper just so happened to be at Lisa's dress fitting. A dress which she thought was for her 1st overseas wedding.

My meeting with Lisa was at The Metropolitan, where she was to get married 2 weeks later, unbeknown to her. It was a good old fun trying on session. After having chosen her gorgeous Charlotte Balbier dress called Tabitha, she tried on several of my pieces and settled on the Nicola headpiece for the day and the Felicity feather headpiece for the evening.

Lisa had also fallen in love with my Lenora Lace garter that was gracing the window of the White Closet so a quick chat with Nikki and I decided that she would be able to have this too. Her make up would be done on the day by Emma Draper. The Bride was all planned and sorted!

There was of course a lot more planning going on than just the outfits. Flowers by Didsbury Flower Lounge were to dress the Met on the day along with the brides bouquet. A lot of fantastic independent food and drink venues were planning their treats for the day be it cake, canapes or champagne- more on these in the next blog post.

So all there was left to do was wait- to see if Lisa said yes....

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Reserve Wine – http://www.reservewines.co.uk/
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