Friday, 26 February 2010

Who would have thought hard work could be such fun?

I was trying to arrange a photo shoot for my Spring collection during the hideous few weeks of snow in January. Needless to say it kept getting in the way literally! In the end we managed it and yet again thanks to the peeps who helped. Emily Bell for her wealth of photography skills ( a true professional!) Claire Beever again for her 20 years of experience in the hair and make up industry I also must thank Claire for being on my wavelength. We both have a love of all things nice surrounding weddings and a hatred of all things tacky, so often the case.

Finally Helen- my beautiful model and friend. A natural and I know you loved it!

We had great fun shooting at Emily's house getting dressed up, eating cream cakes, laughing at the bad shots and cooing over the good ones.

I love this hairstyle Claire it is so forties! Fitted really well with lots of the pieces too

Another good trick from Claire- toilet roll down the back of a dress to make it fit! Genius!

A final thanks to Helen for holding me up while I modelled the garters- a 4 months pregnant standing up on a table in heels I needed a hand!

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