Wednesday, 30 March 2011

An early happy mothers day

I have just started doing Mother of the Bride this year. From what I have been hearing, quite often mums spend a lot more on their outfit than the bride! It's important stuff! I have had loads of mums interested at the fairs this year too so am looking forward to expanding this area and seeing a few of you for consultations. Check out this lovely lady below who was my very first mother of the bride. She has a bespoke black and green bow headress with goose feathers and grosgrain trim and a matching brooch for her bag. All made to match her outfit perfectly!

It's my first mothers day as a mummy myself this year so I am feeling really generous! Silver Sixpence are doing a fab giveaway. All brides who bring their mum to us for her headress will receive a free gift of a beautiful bespoke garter for the big day, examples of some below to tempt you.

You can email me at for more info or through my facebook page or on twitter @Silversixpence1

And remember everything you see on the website as bridal can be done in colours to match the mums too. Feel free to spread the word......Right bubs is awake and I am off to get the cakes out of the oven and dinner on- proper mum stuff!

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