Monday, 9 May 2011

How very crafty! Charlotte's hen party

A fab night was had by all 2 weeks ago at Charlotte's hen party in Didsbury. Mucho vino consumed but it didn't seem to ruin the girls' sewing ability, which I have to add, they were a bit overly modest about! I was impressed at how good they all were.

We started out by getting really inspired with all my current headpieces, mood boards and dishes of gorgeous twinkly haberdashery type stuff. The girls all decided on the look they wanted to go for after lots of trying on, and a bit of a demo from me, then set to work threading up those needles. I love an evening of drinking and sewing and I love it even more that I am getting to teach it as a job!

And just look at some of their fabulous creations for wedding season!

The girls left me some lovely comments too at the end of the night
"I really liked the chance to play at being creative - especially
having all the equipment and pretty bits to inspire me all laid out
ready to use. It gave us a really nice focus for the evening"- Charlotte
"I had never done something like this before and did not know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. I was surprised I could produce a fascinator with my poor knowledge of sewing"- Carla

" I particularly liked being put at ease by Nicola at the beginning through having the whole process explained and having pictures as inspiration"- Caroline

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