Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fascinating the Airyfairies continues.....

What fabulous fun I had on Tuesday with yet another group of lovely Manchester lasses. 5 doctors (seen above looking glam in their creations) and 3 other lovely local ladies partook in our 2nd class at the Airyfairy cupcake boutique.

The classes are going from strength to strength now with a couple of hen parties under my belt too and the word is spreading. I will be aiming to run one a month locally at various venues. I am open to suggestions. Currently mid week evening classes seem to be the way to go but let me know if you want a weekend or daytime class.

I must say I really do have fun at these classes myself- I feel a little bad calling it work! What I am noticing too is that there are an awful lot of talented people out there. You ladies turn up claiming to not know how to thread a needle and leave with the most amazing creations!

The feedback I am getting from you all is that this is a fun and relaxed way to spend a few hours with friends whilst learning something new and leaving with a fab, unique accessory.

I really try to make this a girly and vintage inspired experience which I hope you can see from the pictures in this post. This is why I choose the lovely nostagic venues that I do and set the materials up in vintage glass and china pots for your to rummage in. It is all about the finer details! A large part of the charm of the class is about scouring the inspiration boards, searching through the jars and pots of old buttons and laces and trying on lots of different styles to see what suits you before you start making.

Of course the tea and cake plays a part too so this is always available at the start of the class to kickstart you all into action courtesy of the lovely venues.

I must give a mention to The Classroom on School Lane. This is part of the Airyfairy boutique and where a lot of good local classes are run. I know a lot of you ladies out there are keeping an eye on it for upcoming classes and events and that is how lots of you come across my classes. If you want to see more of what we do at the classes check out more pictures on my facebook page

As ever, thanks to Hannah Dornford May for some of lovely images on this post.

The next class for me will be Wednesday 17th August so email me via the above website or directly on to book! See you there! x

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