Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Importance of garters and a 15% off treat

I wanted to share with you a bit about wedding garters tonight, so often the forgotten last minute accessory for a bride. I often get a look of panic from a bride when I ask has she thought about a garter yet. And still they remain the best selling item for me as lets face it ladies, tradition is important to us on our wedding day no matter how modern we may be.

The origins of the garter are fairly bawdy. Traditionally the bride wore this and it was removed by her groom as a symbol of her lost virginity on the wedding day. It was tossed to the male members of the wedding party to bring them good luck. A bit like the tossing of the bouquet tradition. Anyone remember the horrid scenes at Brittany Spears wedding when Kevin Federline removed her garter with his teeth??!!

I like to think that my brides prefer to keep it a little classier- like Hatty pictured below in her gorgeous Claire Pettibone dress and alongside her bespoke garter I made to match.

So on Sunday 18th SeptemberI will be at the Vintage Wedding Fair in Harrogate and I am offering all you lovely brides to be who visit me 15% off my handmade garters all day. I will be in room 2, pretty much as you come through the doors so pop in and say hello. Do bring cash please as we are unable to offer card transactions that day sadly.

I will be unveiling the brand new collection on Sunday but here are re a few treats from last season to wet your appetitie.

The above collection exclusive to the White Closet. West Didsbury, and displayed in their lovely windows

The Sian Silk- oyster silk taffeta with vintage lace trim, grosgrain ribbon and pearls.

The Lucy May- Satin ribbon and gold vintage lace with a cute covered button and bow trim

The Evelyn garter above is available to buy the the wonderful White Room in Sheffield's georgian quarter. It is a great style for your ladies with slimmer fit dresses.

Garters make lovely mother-daughter and bridesmaid-bride presents and are an easy way to incorporate your something blue. My sizes are standard but if you prefer I can make to measure a special bespoke piece for you. Remember they are all one off unique pieces anyway!

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday!

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