Monday, 20 June 2011

A beautiful English vintage film

I had to take a moment to do a quick blog post today as I have just been watching the film of the secret wedding in Didsbury. It is a gorgeous representation of Alex and Lisa's day and how we all pulled together to pull it off! Feel free to have a look at it here on the West Didsbury Wedding Event website ( next event October 15th this year!) The film starts automatically.

The film has been cleverly put together by Pearls and Lace films who specialise in vintage wedding videography and it is just gorgeous. You can get a closer look at the lovely Felicity feather headress which Lisa wore for the evening reception too.

Part 2 of the secret wedding- The day itself, is coming soon. In the meantime here is Part One just in case you missed it!

Photo at the top by Jonny Draper

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